Finding Inspiration: Something Old, Something New

“You can’t wait for inspiration.  You have to go after it with a club.”  –Jack London

Oh how true this is.  I have dabbled in many mediums as an artist.  I went through a photography phase.  I tried my hand at painting and often doodle in my spare time.  The type of art that I find myself most enjoying is a mix of all of the above.  I guess I can’t make up my mind.  There’s something about having a juxtaposition of art and textures and colors one one canvas that I am drawn to.  


This also opens up the artistic process to a treasure hunt of sorts. I am always on the lookout for unexpected pieces of art, whether it’s a box of maps from the 50’s in the attic of my church, a quirky children’s book I find at a garage sale, or an ad in a magazine that catches my eye.  Consequently, I have accumulated quite the assortment of materials, waiting to be used in whichever artistic expression I am inspired to do in the moment.  


I love the perspective that I’ve grown to have because of this.  Ordinary and forlorn objects sitting on the dusty shelves of thrift stores are seen not as what they once were, but in the possibility of what they could become.  Possessions that someone, somewhere once treasured are now repurposed to become a collage of something beautiful, whimsical, delightful.  Reminiscent of the past with a fresh new perspective.  

I’m sure that there are librarians that would be turning in their graves if they knew what I was doing to some of these books.  But I’d like to think that the books themselves are delighted to be rediscovered in a way they never thought of before.  


Sometimes the creative process means letting go of the past.  Unashamedly tearing up what was to make way for something new. Having the vision to see the possibilities.


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