Finding Inspiration: Something Blue… and Green

Our lives are found in the cadence of a rhythm. Alarm clocks and to do lists, chores and appointments, social media and weekly shows. Breaking from the routine— away from the daily scene, tasks, and environment, can be exactly what we didn’t even know our souls needed.

The annual Heemstra Vacation commenced a few days ago.  We trekked up to the thumbnail of Wisconsin, to a cabin that brings a new definition to the word “secluded.”  No wifi, no TV, no neighbors.  Just a congregation of trees, Lake Michigan, and quality time with a family I love more than I can say.  


Five nights of smack talking card games and “OK, I guess I’ll have another slice of dessert.”  Misty dusk bike rides into the quaint little village, ripe with people watching.  The list of to-do’s has been replaced with the task of watching the light dance on the trees, the occupation of getting lost in a book, and the career of watching my four month old twin niece and nephew simply be alive.  Five days of belly laughing and adventures.  Mornings that come with the kind of quiet in which the tangled thoughts laying under the surface are combed out easily and laid bare.  Distance can bring clarity, and with clarity comes a fresh perspective. 

 The bruised sky and slate gray waters that the last two rainy days has produced has been upstaged by a radiantly blue sky and trees that shout green.




While it’s true that inspiration often finds you working, I think it is equally true that the creative muse is rediscovered in the solace of a vacation.


 (Views like this demand to be seen in panoramic.)

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