When we travel….

| | our senses are heightened | |


When we travel, our eyes are opened in new ways. We are looking to be delighted and amazed. We become noticers, a captive audience to the beauty in this new scene that we find ourselves in.  We become adventurous in the food we try. We breathe in deep the briny sea air, the aromatic and heady spices swirling in the air. We listen closely, eager to hear the stories the land has to tell.

| | we live in exuberance | |

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We live in the latter part of Julia Child’s proverb: “Everything in moderation, including moderation.”  An easy and triumphant “Yes!” slips out because “I’m on vacation.” Our “better nots” are quietly dismissed as we order the decadent dessert, we let our hair down and dance with abandon, we stay up late and get up early, just to see the sunrise over that crest of the hill over there. We let loose our bellows over the bluffs we labored to hike up and relish in the giddiness of the unforged paths we conquered.

| | we encounter humanness | |


As we rub shoulders, interact, travel, and talk with strangers, we are reminded of both our differences and our sameness. Oh yes- their way of being, their rhythms and patterns are not American– a refreshingly jarring reminder that we are not the only way of being human. And yet- with the shy and curious glances, the unmasked reactions to a shared experience, the undeniable impulse to know and be known, to laugh and connect– we are not that different. The private moments and the rehearsed performance of “self” we are graced with moments of “You too? I thought I was the only one!”

| | our vision is clarified | |

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Distance makes things more clear. At the end of a break in routine, as we set our gaze back on the reality we left behind, we see what we must do, what we can let go of. Priorities rise out of the distance like mountain peaks on the horizon. Armed with a renewed sense of purpose and refreshed energy, we take a deep breath and enter back in the fray.

| | we know what home means | |


There is a sweetness that comes in the embracing the familiarity of home after a long journey. With the lingering explorer mentality you can see the familiar with a new set of eyes, new appreciation for your own little corner of the world. That sense of belonging, of rightness in being planted settles sweetly in your chest as home comes into view– it is a sight for eyes that didn’t even realize they were sore.

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