Finding (or rather… being found by) Thin Places

Wait—what is a “thin place” you ask? These places that we find, often when we aren’t expecting it, where something inside us senses this glory, this deep feeling of rightness, and for a fleeting moment, everything makes sense. Or maybe it’s that we make peace with the mystery.

The Importance of Ending Well

I think we have a tendency, in our fast paced culture, to avoid endings. We rush into the next thing headlong, not leaving margin to process what just happened. Or we see an ending coming up and we start to withdraw, subtly and efficiently self protecting to avoid the pain of goodbye. We put such emphasis on beginning well, making good first impressions. We labor to invest in things in the midst of things even, but how often do we focus on intentionally ending well?

Don’t Spend Too Much Time Getting Ready to Get Ready

I have become a creative inspiration glutton of late. I have been gorging myself on inspirational podcasts, filling my free time with books* on creativity and how to live holistically, and watching films of people chasing their dreams. I started this book The Artist’s Way almost 4 months ago. Each of these twelve weeks has … Continue reading Don’t Spend Too Much Time Getting Ready to Get Ready