Meet Allie


I’m so glad you’re here. If we haven’t had the pleasure of meeting in person, I’m Allie. I love french-pressed coffee, road trips with the windows down and the music turned up, and belly laughing, among other things. I feel most alive when I’m on an adventure, connecting with people, or in the midst of the creative process.

My Story (The Condensed Version Anyway…)

A year ago, I was a third-grade teacher in Kansas City. On paper, my life looked idyllic, but I had this growing sense that things needed to change. There was a subtle but persistent ache; a longing for something more and a realization that this didn’t have to be all there is.

Rather than remaining stuck in a comfortable but unfulfilling life, I decided to create a lifestyle that incorporated all of the things that made me feel most alive. I chose to embrace uncertainty, and follow my “what if’s” to a more vibrant life.

Right now, that looks like traveling slow around the west coast, house sitting along the way. It looks like starting a freelance writing business, helping other small businesses and entrepreneurs to tell their stories well. It looks like creating space to connect with familiar strangers. Mostly, it looks like choosing curiosity over fear.

It may look like a “Quarter-Life Crisis” from the outside, but the truth is, I feel more myself than I ever have. While the life I’m living isn’t the one I would have predicted, I wouldn’t change anything for the world.

Allie Illuminated is a why-to blog about pursuing a vibrant life; an online space that serves as a catalyst to empower others to embrace the messy art of wholehearted bravery.

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