Ten Reasons I Love Road Trips

I mapped it out the other day and I’ll be putting in over 2,400 miles in the month of September. That’s a lot of time with me on the open road. I don’t feel daunted by that. Well, maybe a little. But mostly, I feel excited. I have always loved a good road trip. Here are my top ten reasons that going on an adventure makes me feel most alive.

Why am I Writing This Blog?

I don’t claim to have all the answers, nor do I want some enviable online presence that portrays a myth that I’ve got it all figured out. In my present state, I can’t claim any expertise, but I can say that I’m trying to live the questions. In this blog, I’m hoping to voice those vulnerable questions aloud. I think my ikigai right now is creating things that bring those connective and so needed for the human soul moments of “Her too? Oh, I thought I was the only one!”

Don’t Spend Too Much Time Getting Ready to Get Ready

I have become a creative inspiration glutton of late. I have been gorging myself on inspirational podcasts, filling my free time with books* on creativity and how to live holistically, and watching films of people chasing their dreams. I started this book The Artist’s Way almost 4 months ago. Each of these twelve weeks has … Continue reading Don’t Spend Too Much Time Getting Ready to Get Ready

Live out Loud

I am coming to realize that when I stop needing to be “original” or “do something impressive” is when I am actually able to thrive. It frees me up to engage in what makes me come alive. When I’m less focused on the outcome, I’m more able to tell my own truth.