Traveling is a bit like falling in love

Maybe it was the elevation, or maybe it was the beauty that made my chest ache. The beauty of the foothills I was driving through seemed to reflect the foothills of this adventure I was embarking on. This was uncharted territory. Stripped of everything familiar, I felt exposed. It struck me that this trip felt a little bit like falling in love. That feeling when the whole world seems to have a filter of vibrant colors.

Confessions of a Tall Woman

I am 72 and a half inches tall.  Not that anyone’s counting.  Actually, that’s not true. Seems like everyone’s counting. And commenting.  I am not exaggerating when I say that I get a comment from a stranger on my height on a weekly basis. Ranging from harmless: “Wow. You’re tall!” “How tall are you?” “Do … Continue reading Confessions of a Tall Woman