Why You Should Have Conversations With Yourself

Fear wrote me a letter this week. A plea to just play it safe. Click the link to read my response.


The Truth about Synchronicity (…or how I didn’t Make It Big in LA)

Synchronicity is when the universe conspires with you, opening doors and providing what you need. On my trip to LA, I was hoping for some very tangible synchronicity. What I got was a reminder: that it is a partnership, a million micro moments of paying attention and receiving good things.

Large Gatherings of Women Make Me Itchy

Maybe, when a certain number of women gather, it hits this critical mass of estrogen that just makes my skin crawl... Or maybe it's because I enter into the game of constant comparing. Feeling simultaneously too much and not enough. But choosing to fully inhabit my life means reckoning with these thought patterns and lies that have been a part of my narrative. It means choosing to change my frame of reference. It’s time to get over my allergy to large gatherings of women. And the vaccine is realizing that the comparison game is a dead end.

Secret Confessions & Open Frustrations of an Online Dater

Online dating is kind of like walking into a massive thrift store, overwhelming, unorganized, and mostly full of stuff that you really don’t want to take home. Trying to be open minded, you start swiping through what’s on the rack. What starts out as a slightly bemused expression on your face shifts to increasingly unimpressed … Continue reading Secret Confessions & Open Frustrations of an Online Dater

Salsa Lessons

In between twirls and twists, I blurted out “I guess it’s hard to let go of control... “ I skipped a beat and then disclaimed “Which sounds like this conversation is becoming a deep metaphor for my life, which it’s not--salsa dancing is just harder than it looks.”